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The collectors have a genuine passion for coins, stamps or even the postcards, old photos, the champagne’s caps… Thus many objects are likely to be treasured. That’s why the adequate equipment is needed to avoid having any store in boxes.
Some collectors (philatelists, numismatist or cartophiles..) gently sort their collection in frames, albums, or in bags so that they can pass through the years without aging.
For example, instead of keeping your treasures in boxes which take the dust in the attic or cellar, it will be preferable to select albums. These are designed for all products like banknotes, cap’s, currency, postcards…
Whatever your collection, adapted album exist; what is proving to be particularly interesting because it would allow you to carry your collection at the meetings between friends, family or in exhibitions.
No need to get out the dusty boxes, the albums are much more pleasant to browse, they take the form of a book that has many stories to tell.



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